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Benefit of leasing a printer is allows the owners to use printing devices they normally cannot afford.

Printer prices generally start at about RM1000 were a little better the needs of more than ten thousand Ringgit, for some small companies in the development of speaking, which also makes a lot of small companies have a printer needs prohibitive. Now, we provide leasing without maintenance / rental fee / no deposit required …etc. You only require to purchase the toner cartridge, how much use to buy. Lower investment costs, so that more and more companies choose to hire a printer to meet the needs of the office.

Printer Leasing Benefits
icon Conservation of Capital

If your money is not tied up in equipment costs, they are free to spend it on other items such as inventory, advertising or personnel.

icon No Leasing fee

We do not charge any leasing fee when you subscribe our service. If run out of toner cartridge, do not hesitate to call or email us to place order.

icon No Deposit Required

We do not required any deposit for the lease contract.

icon Maintenance & Services

When you lease a printer, you do not have to worry about maintaining it as you would if you purchased one. Depending on your lease agreement, you may even be able to get a replacement printer while yours is being repaired.

icon There is NO Risk

Technological advances, new products continue to emerge, making the use of printer cycles, accelerate the replacement. Buyers must bear the risk of obsolescence, resulting in further increase investment in fixed assets, if you choose the lease, the risk will be borne by the leasing company to fully transfer.

icon Provide Backup Machine

We have provide free backup machine, in order to ensure a high degree of continuity of client work.